Clenergy completes 100KW Solar project in Vietnam


Clenergy has supplied 24MW of its mounting equipment for a rooftop system in China, and also completed its first project in Vietnam.

Clenergy supplied 24MW of its PV-ezRack solar roof mounting system for Jinhai Pulp and Paper, in Hainan province, China. The trapezoidal sheet roof project will cover the eucalyptus pulping line facility, and is expected to generate 48 million KWh per year.

Clenergy’s project engineer said the biggest challenge for the project – supposedly China’s largest PV rooftop project – was dealing with the strong wind load and saltwater corrosion in the coastal area.

Clenergy vice president, Andy Ye, said Clenergy was proud to be involved in the project and Clenergy’s track record in China helped win the contract. The project started early, and the final construction phase is now underway.

Clenergy also completed its first project in Veitnam supplying PV-ezRack SolarTerrace III mounting systems for 432 solar panels, for a 100KW project near Ho Chi Minh City.

Robert Vose, Clenergy’s Asia-Pacific business development manager, said the Vietnam project “sets the stage for Clenergy’s active operations in Vietnam and in South Asia”.

Clenergy is currently in the process of opening a branch office for the Asia-Pacific region

Clenergy also worked on trapezoidal sheet roof projects of 15MW for an energy company’s factories in Tianjing, Hengshui and Haikou, China, as well as a 12MW project in Baoding for a Chinese motor factory.